Social Media Management Services

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Social Media Management Pricing

Focus on your Business, We focus on your socials
  • Popular
  • 5x7
  • from $106.99
  • monthly
  • If you just operate on a regular working hour, this is the perfect plan for you
  • 4 weekly Facebook posts
  • 12 weekly Twitter micro-posts
  • 4 weekly Instagram posts
  • 1 weekly LinkedIn post
  • 1 weekly Google My Business post
  • Answering on your behalf
  • Video Post as Add-on
  • Choose
  • 7x24
  • from $152.99
  • monthly
  • If your business operates 24 hours, then you may want this
  • 5 weekly Facebook posts
  • 15 weekly Twitter micro-posts
  • 5 weekly Instagram posts
  • 5 weekly LinkedIn post
  • 2 weekly Google My Business post
  • Answering on your behalf
  • Video Post included
  • Choose
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Social Media Management Service Highlights

Among the many things we will do on your social media, we will do the following:

  • Homogenization all your social media accounts with your corporate image, usually taken from your webpage
  • Creation of the missing social accounts
  • Updating and filling any missing information in your social accounts
  • Addition (if possible) of a snippet for a live chat option in your webpage
  • Addition (if possible) of some HTML headers in your webpage
  • Creation of thoughtful post to encourage social interaction
  • Answering in English, French or Spanish

About OKay

An IT Company whose mission is generating value with low cost of ownership.

We will offer you Linux based solutions that satisfy your needs. We focus on VoIP & Linux, but we are up for any other challenge you may want to bring.