LCR is the technique that allows you to select the most economical route depending on the destination. It is very common that one carrier gives a lower price to destination 1 but the carrier B is much cheaper for the destination 2, LCR allows you to select the most economical route depending on the destination, to save and have fault tolerance.

LCR is an application for FusionPBX 3.6 or later that can generate savings by selecting the cheapest routes from vendors depending on where you call.

The outstanding features of this application are:

  • Compatible with FusionPBX 3.6 or higher
  • Compatible with MySQL 5.x, MariaDB 5.x & 10.x and PostgreSQL 9.x
  • Let's you submit an unlimited number of suppliers
  • Sets a number of channels (simultaneous calls) per provider
  • Specify individual codecs supplier
  • Let's you have more than one VoIP gateway provider
  • Adds or subtracts digits before dialling
  • Natively matter price list, Voxbone, Voxbean and To-Call Me
  • Export price list in CSV format
  • Sets cost of sales (also useful if the application of the collection installed)

Screen Captures


LCR for FusionPBX is not an OpenSource application, and it is not linked directly with the FusionPBX. It is a third party application running within FusionPBX.

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