The collection is one of the most common scenarios for businesses and VoIP telephony. Allowing users to pay for your phone service and letting them know the cost of calls is a very important part.

The billing is an application for FusionPBX 3.6 or higher which allows the PBX to receive money for the use of telephone service.

The outstanding features of this application are:

  • Compatible with FusionPBX 3.6 or higher
  • Compatible with MySQL 5.x, MariaDB 5.x, 10.x and PostgreSQL 9
  • Multiple billing profiles per customer
  • Multi-tenant or mono-tenant FusionPBX compatible
  • Sub-profiles of billing
  • Multiple call rate sheets
  • Specify costs for inbound, outbound or internal calls
  • Multi-currency option, with default currency selection
  • Charge clients in one currency and pay their suppliers in other
  • Post-Paid and Pre-Paid billing plans
  • Bring a list of users referred by other users
  • Disable the service when the balance is insufficient
  • Auto-suspension if no payment
  • Payment credits/Refunds
  • Static charges
  • Percentage-based charges (eg taxes)
  • History of payments and fees
  • Prices for static items
  • Accept offline payments, PayPal or Stripe
  • List the detailed call log the cost of the call
  • It has auxiliary tools that suggest selling prices based on prices from suppliers
  • Query tools have to check the balance of the service

Some Possible Configurations

You can do the following:

  1. Bill per minute talked
  2. Give domestic calls for free and bill internationals per minute
  3. Bill per call regardless of the time
  4. Bill static charges such as 911 service
  5. Bill taxes
  6. Bill in your customer's local currency if international

Screen Captures of Billing for FusionPBX

The following screen capture shows a listing of customers with their current balances. Each row represents a billing profile, each extension is then linked to each billing profile.



The following capture shows the internal details of a Billing profile. Some of the parameters you can configure are the domain that applies, currency, billing type (postpaid or prepaid), selling pricing price and others.



The following screen capture shows the payments and charges (except those done by placing a call). Each row represents a money flow (charge or payment).


The billing for FusionPBX requires having the application of LCR for FusionPBX installed. The acquisition of the billing application includes the acquisition of the LCR application.

The collection for FusionPBX is not an OpenSource application and it is not directly linked to the FusionPBX. It is a third application running within FusionPBX.

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